Sloan, Retis Wavie

Birth Name Sloan, Retis Wavie
Gramps ID I0083
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1917-03-25 Princeton, Mercer, West Virginia Birth of Sloan, Retis Wavie


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sloan, Daniel Lester [I0041]
Mother Martin, Barbara Lee [I0115]
    Sister     Sloan, Edith Lyle [I0067]
    Sister     Sloan, Ruby Violet [I0075]
    Sister     Sloan, Louemily Irene [I0079]
         Sloan, Retis Wavie [I0083]
    Sister     Sloan, Barbara Lee [I0087]
    Sister     Sloan, Pansy Mae [I0074]
    Brother     Sloan, George David Sr. [I0093]
    Brother     Sloan, John Reason Sr. [I0103]
    Brother     Sloan, Paul J. [I0110]
    Brother     Sloan, Daniel Herbert [I0003]


    Family of Gleason, Pat and Sloan, Retis Wavie [F0041]
Married Husband Gleason, Pat [I0084]
  1. Gleason, Mike [I0085]
  2. Gleason, Jimmie [I0086]


  1. Sloan, Daniel Lester [I0041]
    1. Martin, Barbara Lee [I0115]
      1. Sloan, Edith Lyle [I0067]
      2. Sloan, Ruby Violet [I0075]
      3. Sloan, Louemily Irene [I0079]
      4. Sloan, Retis Wavie
        1. Gleason, Pat [I0084]
          1. Gleason, Mike [I0085]
          2. Gleason, Jimmie [I0086]
      5. Sloan, Barbara Lee [I0087]
      6. Sloan, Pansy Mae [I0074]
      7. Sloan, George David Sr. [I0093]
      8. Sloan, John Reason Sr. [I0103]
      9. Sloan, Paul J. [I0110]
      10. Sloan, Daniel Herbert [I0003]