Sloan, Paul J.

Birth Name Sloan, Paul J.
Gramps ID I0110
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Princeton, Mercer, West Virginia Birth of Sloan, Paul J.
Death 1980-02-08 Pomona Park, Putnam, Florida Death of Sloan, Paul J.
Burial   Cremated Burial of Sloan, Paul J.


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sloan, Daniel Lester [I0041]
Mother Martin, Barbara Lee [I0115]
    Sister     Sloan, Edith Lyle [I0067]
    Sister     Sloan, Ruby Violet [I0075]
    Sister     Sloan, Louemily Irene [I0079]
    Sister     Sloan, Retis Wavie [I0083]
    Sister     Sloan, Barbara Lee [I0087]
    Sister     Sloan, Pansy Mae [I0074]
    Brother     Sloan, George David Sr. [I0093]
    Brother     Sloan, John Reason Sr. [I0103]
         Sloan, Paul J. [I0110]
    Brother     Sloan, Daniel Herbert [I0003]


    Family of Sloan, Paul J. and , Betsy [F0053]
Married Wife , Betsy [I0129]
  1. Sloan, Kimberley [I0112]
  2. Sloan, Jammie [I0113]
    Family of Sloan, Paul J. and Newsom, Margarett [F0052]
Married Wife Newsom, Margarett [I0111]
    Family of Sloan, Paul J. and , Ann [F0054]
Married Wife , Ann [I0130]


  1. Sloan, Daniel Lester [I0041]
    1. Martin, Barbara Lee [I0115]
      1. Sloan, Edith Lyle [I0067]
      2. Sloan, Ruby Violet [I0075]
      3. Sloan, Louemily Irene [I0079]
      4. Sloan, Retis Wavie [I0083]
      5. Sloan, Barbara Lee [I0087]
      6. Sloan, Pansy Mae [I0074]
      7. Sloan, George David Sr. [I0093]
      8. Sloan, John Reason Sr. [I0103]
      9. Sloan, Paul J.
        1. Newsom, Margarett [I0111]
        2. , Betsy [I0129]
          1. Sloan, Kimberley [I0112]
          2. Sloan, Jammie [I0113]
        3. , Ann [I0130]
      10. Sloan, Daniel Herbert [I0003]