This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Ackerman, Choctaw, Mississippi [P0029]        
  Agsta, Georgia [P0016]        
  Agusta, Georgia [P0015]        
  Alexandria, Louisiana [P0069]        
  Alexandria, Rapides, Louisiana [P0004]        
  Asmara, Ethiopia [P0067]        
  Athens, Mercer, West Virginia [P0013]        
  athens, West Va. [P0017]        
  Athens, West Va. [P0014]        
  Atlanta, Ga. [P0031]        
  Austin, Texas [P0068]        
B Bismarck [P0071] Illinois      
  Bluefield, Mercer, West Virginia [P0022]        
  Bluefield, West Virginia [P0033]        
C Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania [P0003]        
  Chico, Butte, California [P0040]        
  Cremated [P0023]        
D Dauterive Hospital [P0065]        
  Denver, Colorado [P0064]        
E Eunice, St.Landry, Louisiana [P0026]        
F Fayetteville [P0072] North Carolina      
  Franklin, St.Mary, Louisiana [P0010]        
G Giatto, West Virginia [P0021]        
  Greenwood Mausoleum [P0053]        
H Houston, Texas [P0062]        
  Huntsville, Madison, Alabama [P0025]        
L Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana [P0009]        
  Lick Creek, Mercer, West Virginia [P0020]        
  Lovelock, Pershing, Nevada [P0043]        
M Middletown, Dauphin, Pennsylvania [P0038]        
  Mountain City, Tennessee [P0045]        
N Natchitoches, Louisiana [P0050]        
  New Orleans, Louisiana [P0005]        
  New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana [P0007]        
  Noxapater, Winston, Mississippi [P0030]        
O Oberlin Church Cemetery [P0036]        
  Old Pike County, Mississippi [P0075]        
  Omaha Nebraska [P0063]        
P Pascagoula, Jackson, Mississippi [P0044]        
  Pearisbuy Va. [P0042]        
  Petry, Mercer, West Virginia [P0012]        
  Petry, West Virginia [P0011]        
  Pineville, Rapides, Louisiana [P0008]        
  Pomona Park, Putnam, Florida [P0024]        
  Princeton, Mercer, West Virginia [P0000]        
  Princeton, W.Va. [P0018]        
R Rapides Regional Medical Center, Alexandria, La. [P0037]        
  Rock, Mercer, West Virginia [P0019]        
S Salt Rock, WVa. [P0046]        
  San Angelo, Texas [P0070]        
  San Antonio, Bexar, Texas [P0039]        
  San Antonio, Texas [P0066]        
  Shrevport, Louisiana [P0061]        
  Slidell La [P0034]        
  Smithville, De Kalb, Tennessee [P0027]        
  Steelton, Dauphin, Pennsylvania [P0001]        
  Steelton, Pa. Dolphin Co. [P0035]        
  St. Martinville, Saint Martin, Louisiana [P0041]        
T Tioga Louisiana [P0048]        
  Tucson, Pima, Arizona [P0002]        
  Tylertown, Walthall, Mississippi [P0006]        
W West Grove, Pennsylvania [P0032]        
  West Palm Beach, Fl. [P0028]