Alexandria, Rapides, Louisiana

Gramps ID P0004


  1. Family of Gillis, Claude Jr. and Sloan, Patricia Jane
    1. Gillis, Claude Jr. [I0020]
    2. Sloan, Patricia Jane [I0026]
  2. Family of Rushing, Jerry Eugene Sr. and Sloan, Barbara Annette
    1. Rushing, Jerry Eugene Sr. [I0012]
    2. Sloan, Barbara Annette [I0006]
  3. Family of Sloan, John David Sr. and Gagneaux, Mary Celeste
    1. Gagneaux, Mary Celeste [I0023]
    2. Sloan, John David Sr. [I0007]
  4. Gagneaux, Mary Celeste [I0023]
  5. Gillis, Claude Jr. [I0020]
  6. Gillis, Robert David [I0021]
  7. Rushing, Alaina Jane [I0024]
  8. Rushing, Amanda Beth [I0011]
  9. Rushing, Austen Daniel [I0016]
  10. Rushing, Bradley Kyle [I0014]
  11. Rushing, Jerry Eugene Jr. [I0015]
  12. Rushing, Jerry Eugene Sr. [I0012]
  13. Rushing, Sarah Alisa [I0010]
  14. Sloan, Barbara Annette [I0006]
  15. Sloan, Jennifer [I0030]
  16. Sloan, Jessica [I0025]
  17. Sloan, John David Jr. [I0013]
  18. Sloan, John David Sr. [I0007]
  19. Sloan, Kristina [I0036]
  20. Sloan, Patricia Jane [I0026]
  21. Sloan, Russell Hiler [I0205]